by Boroughs

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13 song demo


released July 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Boroughs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: jonestown, pa
veils are drawn. question your causes. not only priests hide behind beautiful stories and ideas.
Track Name: planned obsolescence
unlock the gates and open the doors. it's time for heaven to be run by hell. the wretched and broken will have paradise - for we are the benevolent ones who truly care what burns. i'll gladly be there when the match is struck.
Track Name: ring from an apple pie
our arrogance has made this face shine of red. i promise the rest of the big round blue that we are not all this way.
Track Name: rat king
mass of minds spreading disease with tails woven to a nest of human garbage. these are the rats. their lives are the plague. destroying everything they touch. rat king.
Track Name: liar's burden
with calloused hands and hardened hearts, we must dig shallow graves. we must dig ourselves deeper and deeper for lost convictions. the weight won't bury me.
Track Name: maria montessori
carry the same bricks, minus the same blue-and-yellow. the lines of the letters get lost on the way to my mouth. i thought that one food landed in front of the other but sometimes it's like we walk on the moon.
Track Name: true savages
we are the lowest of the low, we are the bottom of the chain. there is no excuse for this, evolution doesn't equal dominance. actions prove that we are beasts. true savages.
Track Name: breathe deep
pale moonlight over a black ocean. atlantis is out there, i hold my breath for the last time. bitter cold at my toes.
Track Name: puddles
i met death on a one way street, like old friends. he said to me, "kid you've got to lighten up. this universe is to big to look out and want more." i stepped in puddles the whole way home, feeling water seep through my soles. for once i was finally free. because i was talking to myself, i am my own destiny.
Track Name: yes, man
in truth i know not which way the river runs. in sadness i say what pleasures gods. my words are bond, my bond is shit.
Track Name: glass wall consciousness
red mist lies thick and still like london fog. a butcher knife could cleave this weight. we're captivated by bolts and thunderous sound - billions waiting in the wings. i can't take this.
Track Name: and the correct answer is "d"
this is a different kind of puzzle. this maze has more than one solution, all with the same potential to end in a smile. 10,000 screaming fans can absolutely be wrong.
Track Name: planned obsolescence II
the ringing won't stop, vision is blurred, and hatred seethes with black bile. i either think i'm oppressed or I'm just depressed, either way someone is trying to keep me down.